Alta Apps is a distributed blockchain tool which offers access to cross-chain services.




04/30 Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] をリリースしました (Windows版, Mac版, Linux版)
Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] をリリースしました (Android版)
Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] をリリースしました (iOS版)
Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] is Released (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] is Released (Android)
Alta Wallet [Version 1.6.0] is Released (iOS)
12/07 暗号通貨を送るにはどうすればいいですか?

Our Features

Secure and user friendly

Alta Apps does not request personal information, provides backup function, synchronizes with your various devices, is very safe and offers easy-to-use interface.

Multi-asset support

Regardless of type, we will support all coins (cryptocurrency) and tokens.

Service add-ons

Within the Alta Apps series, each service can function on their own, or work together collaboratively. Alta Wallet and Alta Bridge compliment each other, and we will also gradually expand our services to link with other third-party services.

Our Apps

Currenlty, Alta Apps series offers three services. "Alta Wallet" a multi-asset wallet with extensibility design in mind. "Alta Bridge" a quick currency exchanage service. "Altapolis" a digital coin and token exchange market.

  • Manage ALL your coins in ONE single wallet

    You will never need another wallet to store your coins! Alta Wallet allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. in ONE single wallet. We will be offering more coin types so please stay tuned!

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  • A marketplace where coins and tokens can be freely bought and sold
    (Soft launch, Early Aug 2016)

    Altapolis is a marketplace where coins and tokens can be freely bought and sold. Following update is scheduled to incorporate a token issuance and management system for service providers.

    Coming soon !
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  • Registration not required. Exchange coins immediately.
    (Currently in closed beta-test)

    Alta Bridge is a bridging service provider, quickly permitting the exchange of coins. Compared to other service providers, this service is easy-to-use, no account registration required, and provides a high-level of security.

    Coming soon !
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