Alta Wallet features

Convenient transactions across multi-coins

Alta Wallet is compatible with multi-coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum!
Now you can use and do transactions across multiple coins from just ONE single wallet.

Fulfilling experience with digital assets

Alta Wallet is among the first wallets compatible to digital assets including cryptocurrencies and token assets.
From now on, both tangible and intangible assets can turn tradable! Stay tuned as the token asset will be integrated soon!

Stress-free and lightning speed service

By design, Alta Wallet is a much more lightweight wallet app in comparison with other wallets in the market.
Thanks to its socket support, Alta Wallet only takes you 2 minutes to download and enjoy our stress-free and lightning speed service.

Endless value added services

Perfect privacy, no one other than users can access their transaction details.
Easy yet secure recovery of Alta Wallet through recovery passphrase
Hassle-free access to the unlimited world of shopping & entertainment

Make the Future

Alta Wallet ?????

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How to Start

You are just 3 simple steps away from using our service!

  • 1. Download the application.

    Click “Get Alta Wallet” button and enter your email in the provided box. Select the appropriate version and Alta Wallet will be downloaded automatically.

  • 2. Create a new wallet

    After installing Alta Wallet, open the application and select “Create New Wallet” to generate a new wallet. Secure your recovery passphrase properly to recover the wallet if necessary.

  • 3. Use Alta Wallet

    Start using Alta Wallet immediately to enjoy the unlimited world of shopping and services!